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During 5 days every Year in January Fipa offers a selection of works from around the world covering all genres of productions. Reflecting quality television made for today’s world, Fipa’s programming favours the authors’ point of view, the concern for form, and inventive writing.
Fipa also facilitates the exchange of ideas and collective reflection via professional meetings open to international participants where fundamental issues and evolutions necessary to support production and development can be debated. During these uncertain times marked by rapid change, Smart Fip@ puts highly-contemporary formats in their rightful place at the heart of the festival.
Last but not least, Fipatel, a selective market for international buyers, presents an attractive branded offering to promote a wide diversity of talent via interesting programs that have the potential to meet broadcasters’ expectations.
Fipa Campus allows media universities to participate with interviews, meeting movie directors and practical activities boosting students creativity. ARS Communication China organize yearly delegations to Fipa since 2005. Contact in China : Nola NI at

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