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1923 - 2013
“Leiter is a rare artist, one whose vision is so encompassing, so refined, so in
touch with a certain lyrical undertone, that his best photographs occasionally
seem literally to transcend the medium.” - Jane Livingston,
The New York
School, p. 322

1923 Born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1930s Attends Talmudical Academy in New York City
1935(circa)Is given a Detrola camera by mother and begins photographing sporadically.
1936 Kodachrome color film (from Kodak)for 35mm cameras is debuted.
1937 (circa) Anscochrome color film (from Agfa) for 35mm cameras is debuted.
1940s(mid) Ektachrome color film (from Kodak) for 35 mm cameras is debuted.
1940s(Early) Leiter attends Telshe Yeshiva Rabbinical College in Cleveland
1944 Paintings exhibited at Ten Thirty Gallery, Cleveland.
1945 Paintings exhibited at The Outlines Gallery, Pittsburgh.
Paintings exhibited at Gump’s department store in San Francisco.
1946 Leaves theological college in Cleveland and moves to New York. Meets Abstract Expressionist painter Richard Pousse-Dart who influences his interest in photography.
Resides at 99 Perry Street (c.1946-1952).
1947 Attends Henri Cartier-Bresson’s exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art; one of his paintings is included in
Abstract and Surrealist American Art at the Art Institute of Chicago; meets and befriends W. Eugene Smith who gives him Alexey Brodovitch’s book Ballet ; paintings
exhibited at the Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH.
1948(circa) Begins working with color slide film. Works primarily with three cameras, Argosy C3, Auto Graflex Junior and an early Rolleiflex.
1951 LIFE publishes his black-and-white series “The Wedding as a Funeral” September 3 issue. More work is featured in the LIFE November 26 issue (“Shoes of the Shoeshine Man”).
1952 Moves to New York’s East Village; founding of the co-operative Tanager Gallery. Works in studio behind Tanager Gallery.

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